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Color Me Pretty- A Vibrant and Colorful Look

Hi Everyone!

This is your long lost makeup buddy and I am not going to give any explanation as to why am I back after almost an year. I mean, what explanation could suffice? So without further adieu, I will present to you my latest creation. This look was created on a whim. I had nothing planned or had no inspiration whatsoever! But, I love how something that had zero planning behind it turned out so pretty. *Smiles*

Let me share a secret with you- Makeup gives me the joy that nothing in this world can but what satisfies me more than that is the validation and approval of my followers. So, with folded hands I ask for everyone’s forgiveness for being MIA and I hope that I can create the same place in your hearts which I had before.

Here is the tutorial:


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My Foundation Routine

Hey y’all!

Finally I am posting a video that I had recorded almost a month back but never got the time to upload it. While I was preparing to film my last video (see here) I decided to also film my foundation application. This is how I wear foundation on a regular basis, if not everyday. I look weird because there is no other makeup on my face in this video so please don’t get scared. Lol.

I hope you find this tutorial easy because I don’t really use too many techniques or products. It is a very simple and basic routine.

Here is the video :

Tutorial – Green Black Smokey Eyes

Hello my lovely people!

I am back with another tutorial and this time I just went bonkers! Haha! I did a really dramatic black green smokey eye with very soft lilac lips. My idea behind creating this look was that the green shade should reflect from behind the black. I don’t know if I was able to achieve the same but I am happy with the end result. So, I hope you like what I have tried to create here.

Here is the tutorial:

Here is the collage:



Tutorial: Black Brown Smokey Eyes

Hello my lovely people!

I missed you all so much! As I mentioned in my last post that I have not been totally out of action. I do post looks on my facbook page and I am proud that my skill is  improving with every look and that is why I just couldn’t resist making a video today. So here I am with a new tutorial video and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Here is the video:




Purple Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Hello World!

I am back with a new tutorial for which I posted a sneak peek yesterday. As I mentioned, I did tweak the look a little bit here and there and  I am very happy with the results and I hope that you like it too.

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Here is the tutorial video

Here are some pictures of the finished look.




List of products used:


Diorskin Nude liquid foundation ‘Honey Beige’.

Revlon colorstay foundation ‘True Beige’.

Revlon photoready powder ‘light/medium’ under the eyes.

M.A.C powder blush ‘Notable’


Makeup Forever Rouge artist intense lipstick 34

Nars Lip gloss ‘Greek Holiday’


Smashbox eyeshadow ‘Enchanted’.

M.A.C eyeshadow ‘Freshwater’.

M.A.C eyeshadow ‘Carbon’.

Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette eyeshadow ‘Omen’.

M.A.C technakohl liner ‘Graphblack’.

M.A.C Opulash mascara ‘Optimum Black’

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