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Color Me Pretty- A Vibrant and Colorful Look

Hi Everyone!

This is your long lost makeup buddy and I am not going to give any explanation as to why am I back after almost an year. I mean, what explanation could suffice? So without further adieu, I will present to you my latest creation. This look was created on a whim. I had nothing planned or had no inspiration whatsoever! But, I love how something that had zero planning behind it turned out so pretty. *Smiles*

Let me share a secret with you- Makeup gives me the joy that nothing in this world can but what satisfies me more than that is the validation and approval of my followers. So, with folded hands I ask for everyone’s forgiveness for being MIA and I hope that I can create the same place in your hearts which I had before.

Here is the tutorial:


Hope you all like this video. Don’t forget to leave comments!




*Glamorous Metallic Party Look*

Hey you beautiful people!

Saturday is my favorite day for two reasons – It’s my chance to get all dolled up and then I partaayyy! It doesn’t matter if it’s a nightclub or a lounge, a local bar or a bowling alley, I just love to get all decked up and enjoy the night. So, I decided to do a look that is very glamorous and absolutely perfect for a night out in town.

About the look:

This look consists of bright gold, brown and copper colors and that is what makes it so versatile. This look can be worn with a hot party dress as well as with a beautiful Indian outfit.

I have used Profusion Pro 88 Eyeshadow Palette to create this look. This palette can be bought at ULTA stores or online at

I used Buxom lip gloss ‘Isabella’ on my lips but you could also use a dark-colored lip shade to make it even more glamorous 😉

I hope you all enjoy this look as much as I did creating it.

Here is tutorial video

Glam Glam 😉

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