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Color Me Pretty- A Vibrant and Colorful Look

Hi Everyone!

This is your long lost makeup buddy and I am not going to give any explanation as to why am I back after almost an year. I mean, what explanation could suffice? So without further adieu, I will present to you my latest creation. This look was created on a whim. I had nothing planned or had no inspiration whatsoever! But, I love how something that had zero planning behind it turned out so pretty. *Smiles*

Let me share a secret with you- Makeup gives me the joy that nothing in this world can but what satisfies me more than that is the validation and approval of my followers. So, with folded hands I ask for everyone’s forgiveness for being MIA and I hope that I can create the same place in your hearts which I had before.

Here is the tutorial:


Hope you all like this video. Don’t forget to leave comments!




Vibrant Purple Green Eyes

Hello my lovely followers!

I have been extremely lazy in updating my blog posts lately but trust me the guilt of it eats me everyday! So, today I finally decided to update it. Although, most of my followers who know about my Youtube channel and facebook page are aware of my latest whereabouts and makeup looks but I apologize to all my followers on wordpress who were not able to get any updates because of my laziness. I promise not to vanish like this again.

So, recently I did this very bright Purple Green Eyes with purple lips and got rave reviews from everyone. It was sort of my comeback tutorial because I had been MIA for a long long time. I had a great time doing this tutorial and love the bright colors I used to create it. I hope you all like this look!

Here is the tutorial video:

Here are some pictures:



Peacock Colors Inspired Arabic Eyes Tutorial

Surprise Surprise!

It seems like I am super refreshed after hibernating for a week and I am churning out posts after posts! Ha!

So, yesterday I received the package that I ordered from and I was so excited that couldn’t wait to do a look using the glitters that I ordered. I had been searching for good quality glitters in varied colors for a long time and my search ended when I found these babies on and the best part is that they are only $3.99/container. The quantity is pretty good too. Here is a link to the company website

This look turned out so pretty. It maybe a little dramatic for some people’s taste but it is definitely perfect if you dare to wear it bold 🙂

I hope you like what you see and like always let me know how you like it? I love your feedback!

Here is the tutorial video

Here are some pictures







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