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*Birthday Post*

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to say a quick Hi to everyone and post a few pictures from my birthday which was on February 13th. This birthday was unlike any I have celebrated till date because usually it is party time for me and my loved ones on my birthday but this time it was a quiet romantic dinner with my husband at MY favorite restaurant. You may think what’s the big deal about it? Well, for starters my husband did the reservation as a surprise at this beautiful Tuscan grill called L’andana. He doesn’t like any food other than Indian so I knew this was only for me. Secondly, we hardly ever go out where it is just the two of us. Sooo, yeah it was fun to have a nice romantic dinner date with my darling!

Here are a few pictures of that day. I apologize about the quality of the pictures because I took them from my phone.

I have two pictures of the makeup up I did that day. Tell me how you like it. It was golden black smokey eyes with pale nude lips and very peach cheeks.


Happy Birthday to me!

L'andana Grill

My birthday cake/dessert



The Look ( my lipstick is missing, I wore M.A.C Fresh Brew)



Sweet and Sexy Valentine’s Day look

Hello to all my lovely people!

I am so happy to be back where I belong, which is here blogging and doing makeup tutorials! Unexpectedly, it was very long break but now I am back with lots of energy and plans for my blog. Hopefully, everything turns out the way I have planned 🙂

The Valentine’s Day is around the corner and everyone seem to be putting out their version of a Valentine’s Day look. So, I thought why not me?

About the look:

For me Valentine’s day date look should be a smooth blend of sensuality and sweetness and that is why this name 🙂

Here is the tutorial of the look that I would wear for a romantic date with my husband.

Some pictures:


Sweet and Sexy Valentine's Day look

Sweet and Sexy Valentine's Day look

Sweet and Sexy Valentine's Day look

Hope you like this look! Please leave me your valuable feedback 🙂


Hello Everyone!!

I hate to say it again and again but I am extremely sorry for not being able to post anything new on my blog. I came to India in the last week of December to meet my folks after almost two years but tragedy struck our family and my husband’s grandmother passed away. Our family is going through a very difficult time right now and are in the midst of completing rites and rituals for the peace of our beloved grandmother’s soul.

I promise to publish a post as soon as the circumstances are appropriate.

Holiday Party Look-2

Hey Hey!

As I promised, I am back with another holiday look and this time I went a little dramatic! Ha! I am sure by now all of you have understood that I love dramatic makeup. I have to really push myself to do a simple look and I feel I still have to do a look that is truly simple!

Anyway, I decided to do this look because it is the trend this fall/winter ‘Smokey Eyes with Red Lips’. This is a perfect look for a night out or maybe a christmas party in a nightclub. You can decide for yourself!

As always I would love to hear how you liked this look. Please comment or subscribe!

Here is the tutorial video:



Look for Holiday Party-1

Hey Lovelies!

I am super excited because this is my favorite time of the year! I love everything about the holidays. The lighting, decoration, shopping, the festive air and the parties! I am sure everyone’s calendar is full of upcoming holiday parties and finalizing on which dress to wear and what makeup to do. Do not worry my friends! This post will make your life easy! Hopefully 🙂

My friend Sowmyatta requested a look that she could wear to her office holiday party and so I decided that I will post a series of holiday looks keeping in mind the fall/winter makeup trends. I know I am a bit late but I will try to post a few more looks for holiday parties in the coming week and hopefully will help some of you out there in deciding you holiday party look.

To kick off this series of holiday looks, here is the first tutorial and I really hope you like this!

Here is the tutorial video:

Holiday look-1

Holiday Look-1

Holiday Look-1

Holiday Look-1

List of products used:


Revlon Colorstay foundation ‘Rich Tan’

Revlon Colorstay foundation ‘True Beige’

Revlon Photoready powder ‘Light/Medium’


Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion ‘Original’

M.A.C eyeshadow ‘Goldmine’

M.A.C eyeshadow ‘Woodwinked’

Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette shade ‘Deep End’

Bare Minerals eyeshadow duo ‘The Scenic Route’ shade ‘Spectacular’

Bare Minerals eyeshadow duo ‘The Scenic Route’ shade ‘Breathtaking’

M.A.C pro longwear eyeshadow ‘Fresh Flare’

Sephora Collection gel liner

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner

Gold glitter eyeliner


NARS powder blush ‘Orgasm’


Revlon Matte lipstick ‘Fabulous Fig’

Peacock Colors Inspired Arabic Eyes Tutorial

Surprise Surprise!

It seems like I am super refreshed after hibernating for a week and I am churning out posts after posts! Ha!

So, yesterday I received the package that I ordered from and I was so excited that couldn’t wait to do a look using the glitters that I ordered. I had been searching for good quality glitters in varied colors for a long time and my search ended when I found these babies on and the best part is that they are only $3.99/container. The quantity is pretty good too. Here is a link to the company website

This look turned out so pretty. It maybe a little dramatic for some people’s taste but it is definitely perfect if you dare to wear it bold 🙂

I hope you like what you see and like always let me know how you like it? I love your feedback!

Here is the tutorial video

Here are some pictures







Teenage Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not being active here for the past week. I tend to go into hibernation when I am not inspired. Nevertheless, I am back with a tutorial that was requested by my little sister who is in junior high and wanted me to do a look that was appropriate for a teenager to wear for a day out with friends. This look is simple yet very pretty! I really hope that my sister as well as all of you out there like this tutorial.

Here is the tutorial video

Here is a list of products used:


M.A.C Moisture tint in ‘Dark’

M.A.C Mineralize powder in ‘Medium Dark’

Garnier anti-dark circle roller tinted

NYX blush ‘Pinched’


Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeshadow trio  ‘Walking on Eggshells’

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner ‘Black’

Prestige white eyeliner

Sephora collection gel liner ‘Black’


Sephora Collection’s Lip gloss ‘Bronze Beauty’

Hope you like this tutorial 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey my lovely followers!!

I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am very very blessed to have you all as my followers. I love you all and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking out time to comment on my posts and sending in your requests. I  am and will always work hard to give you guys the best I can.

Thank you for being there!

Love ❤


Operation: Makeover ;)

Hey Everyone!!

Last week my sister and I were just hanging at home and I was showing her all the new makeup products I had bought. Suddenly, it struck my mind that why not do a makeover video! I asked my sister if she would volunteer and she loved the idea. I was extremely excited but we didn’t have much time left to tape so we scheduled it for the next weekend. So finally came the next weekend and I decided to do a sparkly, glittery look on her. Soft pink glitter with black smokey eyes was the perfect choice to make my pretty sister look like a sexy siren!

I had a lot of fun doing this makeover and the icing on the cake was that my sister and her husband loved her transformation!

In the video, I have mentioned the products I used, in case anyone wants to try this look out.

Here is the video:

I really hope that you like this video and my attempt at doing a makeover.

Do let me know how you like this post. Leave a suggestion or a comment.

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser Review, Photos and Swatch

Hello beautiful people!

I am extremely excited to write my first product review and out of a long list of products eligible for review, I picked out the one which is the most important part of my skincare routine. MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser is not your average exfoliating cleanser. Apart from exfoliation, it claims to ‘reverse visible signs of aging to reveal younger looking skin’.

This product comes in a transparent plastic tube with a round flip top cap. The standard size tube is 6.75 FL.OZ./ 200 ml. The packaging is good but the product leaks out and gets collected on the inside of the cap. To keep it hygienic, I have to keep cleaning the inside and the mouth of the cap.

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser

The product gets collected inside the cap

The cleanser consists of three kinds of exfoliating acids- Salicyclic, Lactic and Glycolic acid. It also consists of micro Jojoba beads that gently massage your skin to eliminate impurities, dirt and dead skin to reveal a smoother, softer and younger looking skin. Salicyclic acid has chemical properties to break dead skin cells, unclogging pores, prevent acne etc. Lactic acid has good anti-bacterial properties and helps hold moisture. Glycolic acid helps improve skin appearance by reducing wrinkles, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

In My Opinion:

My skincare is incomplete without this product. I have used many exfoliating cleansers before but none compares to this amazing product. This cleanser was suggested by a salesperson in the skincare section of Sephora and I am so glad I took her suggestion and bought it. The first time I used it, I could see instant difference in my skin. It felt smoother, clearer and fresh. It is gentle on your skin and rejuvenates it instantly. It is like getting a mini facial. I never felt my skin become so soft and smooth using a cleanser. You just need a small quantity on a dampened face to exfoliate. As exfoliation is an essential step before applying any kind of makeup on your face, this product does wonders for me. My foundation applies smoothly without any dry patches showing up.

This is my first tube and have had it for 3 months and the company recommended usage is 2-3 times a week but I use it every alternate day. Even after using more than recommended usage, you can see I still have enough quantity for it to last another 3 months. This product retails at $35, which, is pricey for a cleanser but since it lasts you so long and has such amazing qualities to improve your skin, I think it is worth the money. I would certainly recommend that you give this cleanser a try and experience the difference yourself.

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser

Rating: 4.5/5

(-0.5 for high price and the mess created in the flip top cap)


Disclaimer: I own this product and have written this review based on my own experience. I am not being paid in any shape or form for this review.

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