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MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser Review, Photos and Swatch

Hello beautiful people!

I am extremely excited to write my first product review and out of a long list of products eligible for review, I picked out the one which is the most important part of my skincare routine. MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser is not your average exfoliating cleanser. Apart from exfoliation, it claims to ‘reverse visible signs of aging to reveal younger looking skin’.

This product comes in a transparent plastic tube with a round flip top cap. The standard size tube is 6.75 FL.OZ./ 200 ml. The packaging is good but the product leaks out and gets collected on the inside of the cap. To keep it hygienic, I have to keep cleaning the inside and the mouth of the cap.

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser

The product gets collected inside the cap

The cleanser consists of three kinds of exfoliating acids- Salicyclic, Lactic and Glycolic acid. It also consists of micro Jojoba beads that gently massage your skin to eliminate impurities, dirt and dead skin to reveal a smoother, softer and younger looking skin. Salicyclic acid has chemical properties to break dead skin cells, unclogging pores, prevent acne etc. Lactic acid has good anti-bacterial properties and helps hold moisture. Glycolic acid helps improve skin appearance by reducing wrinkles, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

In My Opinion:

My skincare is incomplete without this product. I have used many exfoliating cleansers before but none compares to this amazing product. This cleanser was suggested by a salesperson in the skincare section of Sephora and I am so glad I took her suggestion and bought it. The first time I used it, I could see instant difference in my skin. It felt smoother, clearer and fresh. It is gentle on your skin and rejuvenates it instantly. It is like getting a mini facial. I never felt my skin become so soft and smooth using a cleanser. You just need a small quantity on a dampened face to exfoliate. As exfoliation is an essential step before applying any kind of makeup on your face, this product does wonders for me. My foundation applies smoothly without any dry patches showing up.

This is my first tube and have had it for 3 months and the company recommended usage is 2-3 times a week but I use it every alternate day. Even after using more than recommended usage, you can see I still have enough quantity for it to last another 3 months. This product retails at $35, which, is pricey for a cleanser but since it lasts you so long and has such amazing qualities to improve your skin, I think it is worth the money. I would certainly recommend that you give this cleanser a try and experience the difference yourself.

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser

MURAD Age Reform® AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser

Rating: 4.5/5

(-0.5 for high price and the mess created in the flip top cap)


Disclaimer: I own this product and have written this review based on my own experience. I am not being paid in any shape or form for this review.


The most underrated makeup product – Mascara!

In my opinion Mascara is the most underrated product of all the makeup products out there (especially amongst Indian girls). Most women believe that this product is only for those who have short and thin lashes and want to make their lashes look thicker and longer BUT I beg to differ! Mascara adds a new dimension to your eyes and makes it appear wider and bigger. It doesn’t matter what kind of lashes you have short, thin, long or thick..a mascara will only beautify it. I too was a skeptic until I tried out the amazing variety of mascara’s that are available in the market and the huge difference it made to my entire look. This is one product is my absolute favorite and without which my makeup is incomplete. Whether you like natural, length, volume or definition..there is a mascara for every girl out there!

In this post, I am going to explain how I prep my lashes and the steps in which I apply my mascara. Also, I have created a mix of mascara formulas that are available in the market and how it makes my lashes appear after application. This will also be a sort of mini review of the products and I am hoping by doing this it may become easier for you to choose the right mascara for yourself.

The first step is to curl your eyelashes.

For natural curl– Place the curler at the base of the lashes ( make sure you do it carefully and not hurt yourself) and press the curler for about 3 seconds. This is good enough step to get a decent curl in your lashes.

After curling once at the base of lashes for natural curl








For dramatic curl – Place the curler in the middle of lashes and press again for 3 seconds. For further drama, place curler just behind the tip of lashes and press again for 3 seconds.

It is perfectly fine to use a lash primer before applying mascara but I personally don’t use it so I will not be including a step to prime lashes.

To apply mascara start from the root and wiggle your way up to the tip. Wiggling is an important step to keep the lashes separate.


So, the first mascara I am going to show is Christian Dior’s Diorshow mascara in black 090 (thickening+lengthening+curling). This mascara does what it promises and it doesn’t clump. It is one of my favorites but it has two drawbacks – it dries up very quickly and it has a thick wand which makes it difficult to do precision work on your lashes. This mascara definitely is worth a try for girls who are looking for volume, length and drama. It retails at USD 24.50.

After one coat of CD diorshow mascara

After second application of CD Diorshow mascara














In just two applications you can see the difference. I personally apply 5-6 coats of this mascara for more drama (which is forbidden in a perfect mascara world where only a maximum of three coats is considered good but who goes by the rules and trust me the results are more than amazing) which makes it very difficult to remove even with a make up remover.


The next mascara is a drugstore brand which I heard rave reviews about and had to try it. It is L’Oréal Voluminous million lashes mascara in black/noir (Volume). Well, this mascara does provide the volume it promises but it is not one of my favorites. It has very wet gel based formula which clumps in the first application. It has an oscillating a.k.a flexible wand (which i hate, worst technology ever) and takes forever to dry. The good thing about this mascara is that it’s easy to remove. It retails at USD 8.99.

After first application of L'Oréal ML mascara

After second application of L'Oréal ML mascara















As it is visible in the pictures, it adds volume but also clumped my lashes and make it appear as if I have very few lashes. This mascara may work for women with thin and short lashes.


Next mascara is one of my favorites for defined lashes. It is M.A.C’s studio fix lash mascara in black (Definition+Volume). This one mascara is a winner for women who want defined and voluminous lashes. It has long and thin wand with very tiny bristles which helps in a smooth application from root to tip without clumping. The formula is very pigmented and feels very light on lashes. This mascara is easy to remove and retails at USD 15.00.

After first application of M.A.C studio fix lash

After second application of M.A.C studio fix lash













This is the perfect mascara for definition and volume. It is a good choice for day wear or wear-to-work.


Next mascara is another drugstore brand which I just picked up because it had a unique wand. It is Revlon Customeyes™ in blackest black (length+definition and length+drama). It has a flexible wand with the two settings and I tried it with length and definition setting and I was surprised at the results. It was above my expectations. The formula was wet but applied without clumping and dried quickly. I was more than happy to get this result from a drugstore brand. It feels light on the lashes keeping the length and definition intact. The mascara was easy to remove and retails at USD 8.99.

After first application of Revlon Customeyes™

After second application of Revlon Customeyes™















This is a very good option for those who don’t want to spend too much on a mascara and you get two looks for the price of one..yayy!


Next is a drugstore mascara which all girls rave about. It is Covergirl lash blast fusion in very black 800 (Volume+Length). It does what it claims to do. It has very light formula which I loved. It has short and thick wand and pretty spikey bristles so gotta be careful while applying. All in all I now understand why everyone swears by this mascara. This is a perfect drugstore brand to achieve volume and length. I highly recommend this one. It was easy to remove and retails at USD 8.99.

After first application of Covergirl lash blast fusion mascara

After second application of Covergirl lash blast fusion mascara
















This would be one of my favorite drugstore brand choices.


Next is the drugstore mascara I bought because I love dramatic eyelashes. It is Maybelline Volum’ express falsies mascara in blackest black. (False lash effect). I love this mascara. Although you need skill to apply this one because it tends to get clumped and needs at least 5-6 application for the falsies effect but if you do figure out a way this is best drugstore mascara for drama. It has a flexible spoon-shaped wand for smooth root to tip application. It is not so easy to remove and retails at USD 7.99.

After first application of Maybelline Volum' express falsies mascara

After second application of Maybelline Volum' express falsies mascara
















As you can see it doesn’t show much in first two applications. It would only be a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot for dramatic eyes.


So, I hope the above information will help you choose your type better.

Let me know how you like this post or if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer. 🙂

Note: You can apply as many coats of mascara to achieve your desired look. I have shown only two coats to give a fair idea.

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