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I WON!!!!

Hello my darlings!!

OMG! Guys I won Valentine’s makeup look contest that was kept by the world’s most famous Youtube makeup guru LAUREN LUKE! She is the pioneer of Youtube makeup tutorials and has her own line of makeup retailed in SEPHORA.

She has about 480,000 subscribers on youtube and I am sure a lot of girls entered this contest to win a full set of her own line of makeup brushes and who knew she would like my look the best!

Here is the link to the video where she announces my name PRAPTI85 (This is my youtube channel name)

Here is the look I submitted

I am on top of the world right now!! This is huge for me!!

Thank you!

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*Birthday Post*

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to say a quick Hi to everyone and post a few pictures from my birthday which was on February 13th. This birthday was unlike any I have celebrated till date because usually it is party time for me and my loved ones on my birthday but this time it was a quiet romantic dinner with my husband at MY favorite restaurant. You may think what’s the big deal about it? Well, for starters my husband did the reservation as a surprise at this beautiful Tuscan grill called L’andana. He doesn’t like any food other than Indian so I knew this was only for me. Secondly, we hardly ever go out where it is just the two of us. Sooo, yeah it was fun to have a nice romantic dinner date with my darling!

Here are a few pictures of that day. I apologize about the quality of the pictures because I took them from my phone.

I have two pictures of the makeup up I did that day. Tell me how you like it. It was golden black smokey eyes with pale nude lips and very peach cheeks.


Happy Birthday to me!

L'andana Grill

My birthday cake/dessert



The Look ( my lipstick is missing, I wore M.A.C Fresh Brew)


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey my lovely followers!!

I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am very very blessed to have you all as my followers. I love you all and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking out time to comment on my posts and sending in your requests. I  am and will always work hard to give you guys the best I can.

Thank you for being there!

Love ❤


Operation: Makeover ;)

Hey Everyone!!

Last week my sister and I were just hanging at home and I was showing her all the new makeup products I had bought. Suddenly, it struck my mind that why not do a makeover video! I asked my sister if she would volunteer and she loved the idea. I was extremely excited but we didn’t have much time left to tape so we scheduled it for the next weekend. So finally came the next weekend and I decided to do a sparkly, glittery look on her. Soft pink glitter with black smokey eyes was the perfect choice to make my pretty sister look like a sexy siren!

I had a lot of fun doing this makeover and the icing on the cake was that my sister and her husband loved her transformation!

In the video, I have mentioned the products I used, in case anyone wants to try this look out.

Here is the video:

I really hope that you like this video and my attempt at doing a makeover.

Do let me know how you like this post. Leave a suggestion or a comment.

Nails of The Day (NOTD)

Yayyyy for my first nails of the day post!

Halloween is around the corner so I decided to put on the color of halloween with a little touch of my own. I absolutely have no flair for nail art which is quite evident..hehe. Anyhoo, the reason I am so excited about this post is because I have extremely brittle nails and once they chip, it takes forever for me to grow them back. So it is a case of ‘Enjoy while it lasts’ for me. You may think then why not go for acrylic or gel nails? Well, I did that for some time but I couldn’t keep up with the maintenance. I am extremely lazy when it comes to my visits to the salon!

I just love O.P.I nail colors. They are the most long lasting nail colors I have used till now and they are available in wide array of beautiful colors. Highly recommended brand for nail paints.

So here are the pictures….

Sephora by O.P.I nail color 'Hi Def'

O.P.I Nail Laquer 'I'm Suzi & I'm A Chocoholic'

Karwachauth night

The title might seem unfamiliar to a lot of you so just to let you know that it is the name of an Indian

festival, where the wife keeps a fast (no food, no water) for one entire day to ensure well-being, prosperity

and longevity of her husband. So, these are just a few pictures of my look from that day and I hope you

like it!

*Like/comment on the post if you would like to see a tutorial for this look. 🙂





Indian night out

My hair look disheveled...excuse me for that!






















You like???

Last night I went out with a few friends for Garba …so this was the look I had on and I love it..hehe…self obsessed much?


Hey you makeup enthusiasts!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the unexpected delay in publishing a new post because a lot has happened this past week which left me with no time to do something new. Although, I would share a picture of the products I purchased over the weekend and I am super excited to post a new tutorial for you guys. I am going to be doing a wear-to-work/everyday look tutorial. This tutorial was requested by a very dear friend Sowmyatta Bharadwaj.

So guys thank you for being so patient and I promise that the next post will be worth the wait.













Product description:

1. Urban Decay’s 15th anniversary eyeshadow palette.

This product is 15 never seen before eye shadow shades consisting of neutrals, brights and deep shades.

For more info go to:,default,pd.html

2. M.A.C pro longwear eye shadow in Fresh Flare.

Absolutely gorgeous green. The pro long wear eye shadows has a very smooth creamy texture and are easily blendable. Can last up to 8 hours.

3. M.A.C eye shadow/ pro palette refill pan in Goldmine.

The brightest gold shade! I love it!

4. M.A.C 239 Eye shader brush.

5. M.A.C 224 tapered blending brush.

6. M.A.C 219 pencil brush.

7. Make up Forever lipstick Rouge artist intense in shade no. 34

The pink shade I had been looking for a long time!

PS Sorry for the poor quality of the picture above. I took it from my phone and evidently my hands were quivering with excitement…hehe.

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