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I WON!!!!

Hello my darlings!!

OMG! Guys I won Valentine’s makeup look contest that was kept by the world’s most famous Youtube makeup guru LAUREN LUKE! She is the pioneer of Youtube makeup tutorials and has her own line of makeup retailed in SEPHORA.

She has about 480,000 subscribers on youtube and I am sure a lot of girls entered this contest to win a full set of her own line of makeup brushes and who knew she would like my look the best!

Here is the link to the video where she announces my name PRAPTI85 (This is my youtube channel name)

Here is the look I submitted

I am on top of the world right now!! This is huge for me!!

Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “I WON!!!!

  1. I know it’s a very big moment for you!!! You are her big big fan!!! Congrats darling!!! I’m also feeling so proud!!!!

  2. Thank you di! This means a lot!

  3. wow Prapti , congrats ! U deserve it 🙂

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