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Aqua Eyes..

Aqua is one of my favorite colors and I wanted to do an eye makeup tutorial using my favorite color. So here it is…. Aqua Eyes

My foundation application was exactly the same as the last tutorial. You can click here to see the application process.

Started off my eyes by prepping them with Urban Decay’s eye shadow primer potion in shade ‘Eden’.

Then, I applied NYX Jumbo pencil in shade ‘Electric blue’ on the inner half of the eyelid and NYX Jumbo pencil in shade ‘Milk’ starting from the tear duct are taking it all the way up to the brow bone. Applying these as a base will help the eyeshadow colors to pop out. You can understand better after seeing the picture.

Nyx jumbo eye pencil applied in shade 'Aqua' and 'Milk'













Next, using M.A.C 239 brush I applied M.A.C eyeshadow in shade ‘Aquadisiac’ over the area where NYX jumbo pencil ‘Aqua’ was applied.

M.A.C eyeshadow 'Aquadisiac' applied on the inner half of the eyelid














Again using a clean M.A.C 239 brush I applied M.A.C eyeshadow in shade ‘Freshwater’ on the out corner of the eyelid.

Applied M.A.C 'Freshwater' on outer corner of eyelid














Then, I applied a matte purple shade on the crease.

( I used a purple shade from Love & Beauty palette which I bought from Forever 21)

Matte purple shade applied on the crease.













After that using a M.A.C 219 brush I slightly pat M.A.C eyeshadow “carbon’ on the outermost corner of the eyelid. Then using M.A.C 224 brush I took a matte white eyeshadow and applied it all over the area where NYX jumbo pencil ‘milk’ was applied. Blend properly.

Applied M.A.C 'Carbon' on outermost corner of eyelid.














Then, I lined my water line with Revlon colorstay eyeliner in Black. Please ignore the the aqua blue eyeshadow branching out of the outer corner. I initially planned a different look but after finishing, it looked weird so I removed it. These pictures was taken before removing it.

Revlon colorstay eyeliner on water line.














Then using a flat top liner brush I applied M.A.C eyeshadow ‘Carbon’ on the lower lash line.

M.A.C 'Carbon' applied on lower lash line.














Then using the same brush I applied the matte purple shade just below ‘Carbon’ eyeshadow and blend it. After that, take NYX jumbo eye pencil ‘Electric Blue’ and put a small line on the outer most corner of lower lash line.

applied matte purple and Nyx 'electric blue' on lower lash line.












To finish off the eyes I curled the eyelashes and applied M.A.C Opulash mascara black on them.

I finished off my face by applying M.A.C powder blush in shade ‘Notable’ on the apples of the cheek. Then, I used Bare Minerals Buxom lip color in shade ‘Ruby’ on my lips.

So here is the final look….

final eyes





NOte: If you are not a huge fan of the Aqua and white eyeshadows, you could always tone it down. This is just how I did my look.





Some more pictures of the look I had initially planned to do but changed it last minute….

previous look of the eyes.



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13 thoughts on “Aqua Eyes..

  1. u luk beautifulllll prapti…

  2. Amazing !! love the blending and colour combination ❤

    • Prapti on said:

      Omg! I can’t believe the blogger extraordinaire has commented on my blog herself!! Deeptima, I am huge fan! Love your makeup skills!
      I am so glad that you liked both my posts!

  3. Hey Prapti!

    Loved both your tutorials! Just love how you’ve done up your eyes, I’d love to take lessons from you! I see you are pretty new to the beauty blogosphere and so am I! lets keep in touch!

  4. Wow! So vibrant and nice! It makes your brown eyes really pop!

  5. you are amazing, I don’t know how to apply eye make-up so I don’t bother with it. You are wow

  6. This look is gorgeous! I’ve done a similar one but used a few more colours like pink, black and purple mixed in. I’ll definitely tell my friend about your blog. She always wants me to do her makeup(as she always likes how I do m eyes), if she checks out your site she can learn to do it herself. Haha!

  7. pretty eyes…
    Love it!

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