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Nails of The Day (NOTD)

Yayyyy for my first nails of the day post!

Halloween is around the corner so I decided to put on the color of halloween with a little touch of my own. I absolutely have no flair for nail art which is quite evident..hehe. Anyhoo, the reason I am so excited about this post is because I have extremely brittle nails and once they chip, it takes forever for me to grow them back. So it is a case of ‘Enjoy while it lasts’ for me. You may think then why not go for acrylic or gel nails? Well, I did that for some time but I couldn’t keep up with the maintenance. I am extremely lazy when it comes to my visits to the salon!

I just love O.P.I nail colors. They are the most long lasting nail colors I have used till now and they are available in wide array of beautiful colors. Highly recommended brand for nail paints.

So here are the pictures….

Sephora by O.P.I nail color 'Hi Def'

O.P.I Nail Laquer 'I'm Suzi & I'm A Chocoholic'


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