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The look that inspired this blog’s name

Summer time is a happy time for me. I love wearing bright and cheerful colors. This season I finally found the perfect red color for my skin tone. I must have discarded at least 7 or 8 shades of red that I bought thinking it would suit me until a friend suggested the shade ‘Ruby Woo’ from M.A.C and from the moment I first tried it on, I was completely hooked (so much that I named my blog after it). It is a bold color to carry and until you get the right shade and texture that suits your face, you could end up looking like a cartoon.

This look is definitely inspired but a subtle version of Kourtney Kardashian’s look in season 6 of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Bright red and orange lip colors and heavy clumpy mascara with neutral eye shadow.

So here it is….

The first step to start any kind of makeup is to exfoliate your face. Typically one should exfoliate at least 3-4 times a week. This cleans all the dirt and dead skin from your face and leaves a soft smooth surface to apply makeup on.

I usedΒ Murad’s age reform AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. It is my absolute favorite and I intend to do a product review on this too.

Next step is to moisturize your face. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer of thick consistency . If you have oily skin, use a light weight moisturizer. But, you have to make sure to apply it very thoroughly and generously in outward motion. Wait for 3 minutes and let your skin absorb the moisturizer. If you don’t, the products you apply over it will slide and will not apply evenly.

I used Olay’s active hydrating beauty fluid.

Now apply a primer on your face to create an oil-free smooth base for foundation. I used M.A.C’s prep+prime skin base visage. Take just one pump and apply thoroughly all over your face and neck. This helps the foundation last longer without creasing. wait another 3 mins for your skin to absorb the primer.

Squeeze or pump out foundation on the back of your hand. Apply small dots with your fingers on your face as shown in the picture. Then using a foundation brush spread the foundation evenly in outward motion.

I used M.A.C’s studio sculpt spf15 foundation in shade NW35.

apply dots of foundation and pardon me for the scary picture.


After spreading foundation evenly with a foundation brush

Now apply concealer using a concealer brush on the areas which require concealing like under the eyes, area around the nose to remove any kind of redness or to conceal any marks or spots.

I used M.A.C’s select cover up in shade NW 30. Remember concealer should always be a shade lighter than your foundation so that it can blend well with foundation to cover up any marks or spots.

Now apply a setting powder all over your face with a powder brush to lock the products on your face. Also, it helps absorb the excess oil on your face.

I used Make up For ever’s HD powder.

Next is to do the eyes. Start off by applying a primer for eyeshadow which provider a smooth base and avoids creasing of eye shadow.

I used Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion in shade Eden which is a neutral shade.

After applying UD eyeshadow primer potion

Now using a eye shader brush like M.A.C’s 239 apply M.A.C eyeshadow ‘Quarry’ on the lid area.

After applying M.A.C eyeshadow 'Quarry' on the lid area

Using a tapered blending brush like M.A.C’s 222 apply M.A.C eyeshadow ‘Haux’ on the outer corner of the lid slightly extending on the crease and blend just so there are no visible lines between the two eyeshadows.

After applying 'Haux' on outer corner of lid and on crease

Now using a clean tapered blending brush ( M.A.C 222) apply M.A.C eyeshadow ‘ Naked Lunch’ on the brow bones as highlighter. This will add a lil punch to the neutral shades. Now blend it properly.

'Naked Lunch' used as highlighter on the brow bones.

Now using M.A.C’s Penultimate eye liner in Rapidblack line a very thin line on the lash line.

After applying the eyeliner

Now apply kohl liner on your water line. I used Revlon’s colorstay liner in Black

Now curl your eyelashes with an eye lash curler. After curling apply M.A.C’s Opulash mascara in optimum black on upper lashes ( I put atleast 4-5 layers because I like dramatic lashes)

One lash with mascara and other without mascara...Love the difference it makes!

For the kohl liner from running down we apply M.A.C’s eyeshadow Carbon onto the lower lash line using a pencil brush like M.A.C’s 219. It keeps the kohl intact.

M.A.C's Carbon on lower lash line

Now apply mascara to the lower lash too and we are done with the eyes!

Here's how the eyes look

Apply blush M.A.C’s notable on to the line of your cheek bones using a blush brush like M.A.C’s 129.

Blush M.A.C's notable

and last but not the least apply lipstick M.A.C’s Ruby Woo. (I love it!)

the entire look...chic and subtle!

Love my pouf!

I love this look!

I hope you guys like this look and try it on. Do let me know if you have any questions πŸ™‚

Note: I have given names of M.A.C brushes as a reference to identify what kind of brush was used. You could use any other brand or company’s brushes.


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14 thoughts on “The look that inspired this blog’s name

  1. I love this post prapti.. you are awesome in explaining things and pictures after each step is just perfect!!
    I would love to try this on.. and next step is to go shopping with the list of things I need πŸ™‚
    I would love to see my hubby’s face while I shop these products πŸ˜›

    • Aww….Thanks Rama! I am glad you liked this look. I too can’t wait to see you in this look and Nishant’s face after your shopping spree…hehe. Also, if you want to know some cheaper options I can give you some tips. It will be our secret. Don’t tell him..let his heart sink πŸ˜‰

      • Yes Prapti, as a starter I would rather go for cheaper options and can go for better options once I learn it well. Please share the knowledge πŸ™‚

  2. I will send you an email of my recommendations.

  3. you’re awesome!!!!! finally you listened to me ,make up queen
    P.s. you’re 1st pic lil’ scary ..hehe

  4. it was a delight reading it!!! and i tell you i need few things for sure, first is red lipstick.. i so want to wear it got few shades too but when ever i wear it daaman is like ‘mom no plzzzz’ so sweetie going to get ruby woo… your note was very knowledgeable and will improve my makeup skills for sure! thanks for sharing your secrets!!!

  5. great post Prapti. As Rama said need to go to shopping with you to buy essential products.

    Keep writing. May be next step is to have make up sessions at your home : )

  6. Also thanks for including brand names. More recommendation are welcome. Just a thought, may be at the end you can provide the list of things you used for easy shopping list :p. Regarding steps, I need to follow it with products in hand. But will definitely need number of tries.

  7. This is really great…great information for people wanting to learn more about the secrets of makeup…Excellently explained.
    I will be trying all of this very soon……Thanks for sharing the secrets!!!

  8. well done prapti , i am proud of you always not becuz u r my daughter but becuz ur such a gud teacher . u v solved the most difficult subject of makeup in such a methodical n easy way tht i also feel tempted to invest in sum of the products .keep on writing informative stuff.

  9. Priyanka on said:

    This is unbelievable praps….supremely killer work(read: the 1st pic) ;D
    Not that i never expected something as innovative as this blog coming up by you but wow
    this is truly awesome…kudos buddy !!
    The way things have been presented and well described along with pictorial help i am really impressed and wish you the very best with this venture…hope you scale great heights !!!….
    n im definitely going to gain alot from it for sure n will like to recommend it to many of my frenz who’re as sad as i am when it comes to make-up bit…THANXX Prapsoo..WAY to goooooo πŸ™‚

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